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Posted on January 6, 2012


From the Wowarmory page for Tomokei (Maelstrom)

Sorry for the long delay between posts – I picked up WoW again and have been madly gearing my mage and paladin to catch up.  Today I take that experience and share my insights on how to gear characters in 4.3.  Without further ado:

From WoW's official page for the End Time instance

Section A: Gearing for Content

Like the Zandalari instances of 4.1, the 4.3 content has a gear requirement.  You must have a 353 iLvl to queue for the Hour of Twilight heroics, a 365 iLvl to enter the Dragon Soul raid instance, and a 372 iLvl to queue for Dragon Soul in the Looking for Raid tool.

1. Justice Point Items

Current JP items are iLvl 378, equal to Normal-mode Firelands gear.  The following slots are covered:

2200: Tier Chest, Tier Legs

1650: Tier Gloves

1250: Neck, Ring, Wrist (BoE)

700: Relic/Thrown/Wand

2. Valor Point Items

Valor point items are all iLvl 397.  The VP options in 4.3 cover almost every slot:

2200: Head, Chest

1650: Back, Hand, Belt, Feet (BoE), Trinket

1250: Neck, Wrist (BoE), Ring

700: Relic/Thrown/Wand

3. The 4.3 Quests (Guaranteed Loot!)

The new patch introduced quests taking players through its three new 5-man instances: End Time (ET), Well of Eternity (WoE), and Hour of Twilight (HoT).  Each instance has two quests that drop loot.  These quests offer ilvl 378 rewards, and since they’re guaranteed drops, I’ll list them all.  Sorted by armor type, they are:

  • Cloth
    • ET 1: Archivist’s Gloves (DPS  Cloth Gloves)
    • ET 2: Cowl of Destiny (Healer Cloth Helm)
    • WoE 1: Historian’s Sash (Healer Cloth Belt)
    • HoT 1: Safeguard Gloves (Healer Cloth Gloves)
  • Leather
    • ET 2: Boots of the Forked Road (Caster Leather Feet)
    • WoT 1: Chronicler’s Chestguard (Caster Leather Chest)
  • Mail
    • ET 2: Time Twister’s Gauntlets (+Agi Mail gloves)
    • WoE 2: Chain of the Demon Hunter (Caster Mail Belt)
    • HoT 1: Cinch of the World Shaman (+Agi Mail Belt)
  • Plate
    • ET 1: Time Strand Gauntlets (DPS Plate Gloves)
    • WoE 2: Boots of the Treacherous Path (Healer Plate Feet)
    • WoE 1: Treads of the Past (DPS Plate Feet)
  • Rings
    • WoE 1: Alurmi’s Ring (+Agi Ring)
    • HoT 1: Ring of the Loyal Companion (Caster DPS Ring)
    • HoT 2: Thrall’s Gratitude (+Str DPS Ring)
    • HoT 2: Signet of the Twilight Prophet (Healer Ring)
  • Weapons
    • ET 1: Crescent Wand (Heal Wand)
    • ET 2: Bronze Blaster (Tank Gun)
    • WoE 2: Ironfeather Longbow (Nontank Bow)
    • WoE 2: Demonic Skull (Healer Off-Hand)
    • HoT 2: Writhing Wand (Caster DPS Wand)

4. Crafted Items

I don’t recommend using crafted items to fill slots for two reasons: 4.2 crafted items are iLvl 378, which can be attained through Justice Points or the new heroics, and 4.3 crafted items are incredibly expensive.  Nevertheless:

  • 4.2 crafted (iLvl 378): Feet/Hands.
    • iLvl 378 hands can also be bought with Justice Points
  • 4.3 crafted (iLvl 397): Wrist/Legs
    • iLvl 397 wrists can also be bought with Valor Points or off the Auction House

From Wowpedia's Dragon Soul page

Section B: Dragon Soul Gear Notes

As should be expected, there’s quite a bit of loot in the Dragon Soul raid.  I’ve listed general item trends below, including where to expect your tier tokens to drop.

  • iLvl
    • LFR: 384; 391 for Spine/Madness
    • Normal: 390; 397 Spine/Madness
    • Heroic: 410; 416 for Spine/Madness
  • Tier
    • In LFR, the tier bosses can drop any tier token with an emphasis on whatever slot drops in normal and heroic modes.  Morchok (1st boss) additionally drops tier in LFR.
    • Tier Helm: Warmaster Blackhorn (6th boss)
    • Tier Shoulders: Hagara the Stormbinder (4th boss)
    • Tier Chest: Ultraxion (5th boss)
    • Tier Gloves: Warlord Zon’ozz (2nd or 3rd boss)
    • Tier Legs: Yor’sahj the Unsleeping (2nd or 3rd boss)
  • Madness of Deathwing Notes
    • Madness of Deathwing only drops weapons; every Madness weapon has a proc effect but no secondary stats
    • Madness of Deathwing is the only encounter in the LFR that drops weapons
      • LFR-geared DPS will be unlikely to use LFR weapons since hard and soft caps (e.g. hit cap, haste plateau) will suffer from the lack of secondary stats on these weapons
  • Missing Slots and How to Fill Them
    • Valor Points
      • Back (1650)
      • Neck (1250)
        • Exception: Petrified Fungal Heart (Healer) drops off Morchok
      • Relic/Thrown/Wand (700)
        • Exception: Finger of Zon’ozz (All Wand) drops off of Warlord Zon’ozz
    • Tier Drops
      • Head
      • Chest
        • Exception: Robe of Glowing Stone (Healer Cloth) drops off Morchok
      • +Agi mail shoulders
      • +Int leather shoulders
      • Gloves
        • Exception: Gloves of Liquid Smoke (All Cloth) drop off Spine of Deathwing; higher iLvl than equal-difficulty tier
        • Exception: Gauntlets of the Golden Thorn (Healer Plate) drop off Spine of Deathwing; higher iLvl than equal-difficulty tier
        • Exception: Sporebeard Gauntlets (+Agi Mail) drop off Morchok
    • Heroic Firelands
      • Caster DPS Off-hand; the only item in Dragon Soul drops randomly off of trash, of which there is very little.

From the Wowarmory page for Tomokei (Maelstrom)

Section C: Gearing Plan

  • There are seventeen slots for gear.  Use this list to see how much your overall iLvl will increase by upgrading one slot to a 378 or 397 piece (overall iLvl follows normal rounding rules):
    • 378
      • From 333: +2.647 iLvl
      • From 346: +1.882 iLvl
      • From 353:+1.471 iLvl
      • From 359: +1.118 iLvl
      • From 372: +0.353 iLvl
    • 397
      • From 333: +3.765 iLvl
      • From 346: +3.000 iLvl
      • From 353: +2.588 iLvl
      • From 359: +2.235 iLvl
      • From 372: +1.471 iLvl
  • Use your first justice points to buy items whose slots won’t be filled by the 4.3 quests
  • If you have money, buy the iLvl 397 crafted legs, VP wrists, and VP boots off the auction house.    From an iLvl standpoint, crafted wrists should be your last priority since they only cost 1250 VP.
  • No matter what gear level you’re at, I recommend using your first month to fill the three “VP-critical” slots first; no one will be replacing these slots until heroic bosses, and even then many classes won’t have the option.
    • Week 1: Relic/Thrown/Wand (700)
    • Week 2: Neck (1250)
    • Week 3: Not enough points
    • Week 4: Back (1650)
  • If you have one or two level 85 alts, you have the option of using your alts’ VP to gear your main.  With one alt, follow the path below.  With two alts, you can buy both items in week 2.
    • Week 1: Not enough points
    • Week 2: Feet (1650)
    • Week 3: Wrist (1250)
– – –
I hope this guide gives some sense of direction to the paradoxically sluggish chaos that is gearing a new 85 at the end of the expansion.  Thanks for reading!
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