About the Author

I graduated from the University of Virginia this past May with degrees in Economics and Japanese Language & Literature, and held down a job in Theater Lighting with the Drama department through all four years.  I’m currently back at home in Northern Virginia for the job hunt.

Professional credentials aside, I grew up with video games and the internet.  The first games I ever played were Tyrian and Jazz Jackrabbit, both DOS titles pre-installed on my family’s first computer.  I jumped to handhelds with Pokemon on the Gameboy Pocket and consoles with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64.  I eventually returned to computer gaming with Starcraft, which gave me my first online experience through the BattleNet system in the early 2000’s.

The biggest step in my gaming experience would occur the better part of a decade later when I activated my World of Warcraft subscription in 2008, fully realizing the depth of what online gaming offered.  At present my game of choice is League of Legends, which I’ve been playing since June.

Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions regarding this blog’s content or if you’d like a copy of my resume.

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