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[LoL] Attribute Synergy

December 3, 2011


League of Legends uses a role system called "attributes" to sort its wide base of champions by function. The official game client displays twelve basic attributes with every champion falling into at least two.

[LoL] Classic and Dominion Balance

November 18, 2011


While there may be balance differences between Summoner's Rift and the Twisted Treeline arising from the difference in team sizes, the completely different playstyle of The Crystal Scar has created a great number of issues, relatively few of which have been addressed. Is this a problem?

[LoL] Creating Community Tools

October 27, 2011


As the follow-up to my previous article, Does LoL Have Hardcores?, today I'll be discussing a few features Riot could add to League of Legends to create unity, competition, recognition, and ultimately a sense of community within its player base.

[LoL] Does LoL have Hardcores?

October 25, 2011


As a League of Legends player with a 3-year background in World of Warcraft, I was accustomed to the general idea that the visible player population of a game can be dichotomized into casual and hardcore. A few months into my League career, I've noticed that my experience doesn't reflect any such division.