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[WoW] Fire Mage Haste in 4.3

January 30, 2012


Fire mages and haste have a complicated relationship.  As a caster class, haste is always good to reduce our GCD and shorten our cast times, but more importantly, as a DoT class, there are several crucial haste values which increase the number of ticks several of our abilities will apply.  In this article we’ll first […]

[WoW] Gearing in 4.3

January 6, 2012


Sorry for the long delay between posts – I picked up WoW again and have been madly gearing my mage and paladin to catch up.  Today I take that experience and share my insights on how to gear characters in 4.3.  Without further ado: Section A: Gearing for Content Like the Zandalari instances of 4.1, […]