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[WoW] Gearing in 4.3

January 6, 2012


Sorry for the long delay between posts – I picked up WoW again and have been madly gearing my mage and paladin to catch up. ¬†Today I take that experience and share my insights on how to gear characters in 4.3. ¬†Without further ado: Section A: Gearing for Content Like the Zandalari instances of 4.1, […]

[WoW] Fixing the Tank Role: eDPS

October 20, 2011


Blizzard has enacted various strategies to improve the attractiveness of the tanking role, from providing incentives to easing the gearing process to simplifying the mechanics. None of these have fixed the tank shortage. This is one of a series of installments pondering viable replacements and supplements for tanking in WoW. Today's suggestion is "Environmental DPS", or eDPS for short.